A Customer Loyalty Program That Fits You

VIPCustomerRewards.com not only encourages repeat business but facilitates it. Statistics show that adults who participate in customer loyalty programs are 51% more likely to patronize your business*, and they outspend non-participants 3 to 1**. Sound good? It is! Join VIPCustomerRewards.com today and let us help you increase your bottom-line!

Woman Holding a VIP Card

The Power Is Yours

VIPCustomerRewards.com gives you the power to control points per dollar spent and to determine customized rewards for your unique customers. You'll have a personalized website where your customers can redeem their points, find information about your business (e.g., menus, hours, driving directions, etc...), or find special promotions.

Start today, Don't delay

With a customer rewards program that brings more customers-who spend more-it makes sense to get started right away. Who wouldn't want more profitable business? As your customers feel richly rewarded as genuine VIPs, your bottom-line will be richly rewarded as well. You have the power, let VIPCustomerRewards.com give you the tools!

*National Restaurant Association
**Maritz Loyalty Marketing